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We enhance the image of your company.

Focus on cleanliness, order and shine.

Maintaining pristine properties and tidy premises are fundamental prerequisites for a thriving core business. The initial visual impact frequently shapes the degree of trust and rapport extended by clients or business associates. For many enterprises, building cleaning demands considerable time, diverting focus from essential functions.

To enable you to dedicate full attention to your clientele, the Stölting Service Group manages the upkeep of your property. Leveraging our expertise, workforce, and proficiency, we guarantee cleanliness, organization, and brilliance. This alleviates the burden of cleaning tasks, allowing you to prioritize your primary responsibilities.

Complete service provisions catering to diverse industries.

Entrepreneurial processes often entail intricate structures and meticulous timetables. Hence, we collaborate with you to devise bespoke strategies and consistently tailor our comprehensive service offerings to align with your operational needs.

Benefiting from our extensive experience and deep expertise, we cater to a wide array of industries. Our clientele encompasses food production, metal processing, chemical, plastics, and paper industries. Additionally, power plants, recycling companies, trading firms, governmental bodies, trade shows, hospitals, nursing homes, hotels, restaurants, airports, and transportation companies entrust us with their high-quality service requirements.

Our experts will assist you in achieving an optimal understanding.

Window surfaces and glass facades are integral to contemporary industrial architecture, serving not only aesthetic but also energy-related functions. To meet these expectations, glass requires consistent and professional cleaning.

Our cleaning service specializes in maintaining window surfaces and facades. Employing state-of-the-art methods and techniques, we ensure thorough protection and preservation of your glass panes, thereby retaining their value. Additionally, we possess appropriate equipment and a fleet of vehicles to deliver professional services efficiently.

Your Advantages:

Foundational cleaning with refined strategies.

We believe in the value of progress and understand that idle time is unproductive. If you wish, we're here to assist you in making the most of such moments. Collaboratively, we delve into your operations to identify areas for optimization. Whether it's comprehensive surface cleaning, building handovers, or deep cleaning, our expertise is at your service. Let's craft a tailored cleaning solution together. Reach out to us and let's get started.

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